Honour based violence is a form of human rights violation that includes various offences committed in order to protect cultural and religious beliefs.

Fatima Conference


WS1: Cross-sectional study and awareness-rising activities

The main objective of this WS is to develop an interview questionnaire to carry out a cross-sectional study on immigrant NGOs views and experiences on HRV. Based on the questionnaire result organise awareness rising workshops for immigrant NGOs and stakeholder organizations.

WS2: Development and finalisation of training materials

The objective of this WS is to develop training materials for education and social dialogue carried out by immigrant NGOs among countrymen. The training material will be developed on the basis of Council of Europe conventions for the protection of human rights including women rights, namely European Convention on Human Rights from 1953 (ECHR) and Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence from 2011 (Istanbul Convention). as well as UN Conventions -CEDAW and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

WS3: Implementation of training by immigrant NGOs among countrymen and evaluation

The objective of this WS is to plan, implement and evaluate education and social dialogue which will be carried out based on the elaborated training materials in order to measure the impact on target groups

WS4: Dissemination and exploitation of the project results

The aim of this WS is to broaden the knowledge of the project, its outputs and activities to key stakeholders at national level and across Europe, including immigrant NGOs, local and national authorities, civic sector, policy makers.